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This is the transcript for the fourth episode of the Cybersix animated television series, Yashimoto, Private Eye.


Opening Theme

Jose: And I was told you are Meridiana's best private investigator.

Yashimoto: I'm most flattered, mister Jose, but you didn't come here to tell me that.

Jose: (crying) Excuse me, I get so emotional. I mean, she stole father's valuable heirloom.

Ikiko: Can you show me one more trick, Julian?

Julian: You had a card in your ear, how did that happen?

Ikiko: (laughs) You're funny. I'll be right back.

Julian: And I'll be right here. Huh, some kind of car.

Yashimoto: You say she is the thief? This person you call Cybersix.

Jose: Yes.

Yashimoto: Hmm. I don't think I'll take this case. Thank you for considering me.

Jose: Then name your price, anything you want.

Yashimoto: Money is of no importance to me. I only accept cases that I believe in.

Jose: Are you calling me a liar.

Yashimoto: I did not call you anything. Now please, go.

Ikiko: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Yashimoto: That's okay, Ikiko. What would you like?

Ikiko: I made a new friend. His name is Julian. May I stay out and play for a while?

Yashimoto: I should meet Julian first. Just give me a minute to take care of some work.

Jose: Hmm.

Ikiko: Oh. How rude.

Yashimoto: We won't see them again.

Julian: (yawn) Hey, what do you think you're doing? Tell him to bring her back.

Jose: Get him away from me.

Julian: Hehe, serves you right.

Jose: Put him in the car with the girl.

Yashimoto: Oh, Ikiko. Ikiko, where are you? Huh?

(Phone rings)

Jose: Yashimoto, your prospective client here, the one you refused to help.

Yashimoto: Mister Jose, there is nothing I can do for you. Had you forgot-

Jose: You will never see your sister again.

Yashimoto: What, what did you say?

Jose: I said you will deliver Cybersix to me in three days or you will never see your sister again.

Yashimoto: Ikiko.

Julian: There's gotta be a way outta here. Hey, we're gonna be okay.

Yashimoto: She doesn't exist, at least not here. Okay, let's do it the old fashioned way. (sighs)

Cybersix: I haven't seen Julian for a while. I hope he's okay. I should find out. Julian! Something's wrong. I- I just know something's wrong.

Lucas Amato: Well, you say he's a street smart kid, maybe he's just wandering around.

Cybersix: Lucas, he just doesn't wander around in the night.

Lucas: Will you please sit down, you're starting to make me nervous.

Cybersix: Oh, I'm probably over-reacting.

Lucas: Probably.

Cybersix: Everything's probably okay.

Lucas: Probably. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Cybersix: Thank you, Lucas.

Lucas: You have nothing to thank me for.

Cybersix: Thank you for listening, for being my friend.

Yashimoto: Gone. What am I up against? Who is she?

Ikiko: What are you doing?

Julian: This is a boiler room, right? There's gotta be some kind of ventilation duct.

Ikiko: Someone's coming.

Julian: Huh. Well, if it ain't the twerp.

Jose: The- what did you call me?

Julian: You heard me.

Jose: Listen you.

Julian: We want something to eat.

Ikiko: And something to sleep on and-

Jose: Shut up, shut up. I'm the boss here.

Julian: Haha, yeah right. Bet you don't even dress yourself.

Ikiko: Or brush your own teeth.

Jose: But I- but-

Julian and Ikiko: (laughs)

Karen: Hello Lucas? It's Karen from World Science magazine, call me about your article.

Adrian Seidelman: Hi, it's Adrian. I wanted to ask you about, uh, probably better to talk about it tomorrow. See you then.

Yashimoto: Hmm. Adrian, Adrian. Thought so. Seidelman, Adrian. No address. Probably, probably.

Ikiko: I'm scared, Julian.

Julian: You're doing great, Ikiko. You're really brave but we gotta be quiet, okay?

Ikiko: Okay, Julian,

Julian: Huh? We made it, Ikiko. Just got to push out that grate.

Jose: Help!

Fixed Idea: (snorts)

Cybersix: I just know something's wrong.

Adrian: Hi, it's Adrian.

Yashimoto: I've got you. Okay, let's see where this Seidelman lives. Hm, that's an unlisted number with no address. Well, he must have to pay a hydro bill. (Phone rings) Yashimoto, Detective Agency.

Jose: Yashimoto, the deadline has shortened.

Yashimoto: But-

Jose: But nothing. You will turn Cybersix over to me at dawn tomorrow or you will never see either of them again.

Yashimoto: Either?

Jose: Either! Your sister and that big mouth Julian.

Yashimoto: I promise to deliver her. Ikiko's new friend. At least she has an alley.

Ikiko: We won't see home again, will we? Julian?

Julian: It's gonna be okay. Hey, didn't you say your brother is a great detective? He'll find us.

Ikiko: Thanks, Julian.

Yashimoto: Huh?

Lucas: You ever hear of a kid named Julian.

Adrian: Uh, why?

Lucas: Our friend was looking for him last night. She seemed worried. I think I did a good job calming her down. She, uh, listens to me.

Adrian: She, uh, listens to you?

Lucas: Yeah, she thinks I'm-

Adrian: Let's go, Lucas. All of a sudden I'm really tired. What's going on here.

Yashimoto: Welcome home, Cybersix. I'm sorry, I have no choice.

Adrian: Who are you? And what do you want?

Yashimoto: I want my sister back. Don't move, I must save Ikiko and Julian.

Adrian: Wait!

Jose: Yashimoto, the deadline approaches. You have her? Fantastic! What? Say that again. That's even better. Bring her to the condemned bridge at the canal, dawn sharp.

Yashimoto: Come and get her.

Julian: Cybersix? No!

Jose: Shut up. You two come with me, you stay with them.

Julian: We're in real trouble, Ikiko. He won't let us go now.

Ikiko: What can we do?

Julian: I'm thinking. Hey, want to see something really cool?

Fixed Idea: Cold?

Julian: No, no, no. Something neat, a trick. Watch. Run Yashimoto.

Jose: What? Yashimoto, you will pay for this. (whistles) Get those kids.

Cybersix: Help the children, I'll take care of this end.

Yashimoto: Ikiko!

Julian: Hey.

Jose: Take a good look, Cybersix, it's a whole new game.

Cybersix: Not bad.

Julian: I don't see them.

Ikiko: There they are, there they are.

Yashimoto: You're most interesting person, Cybersix.

Cybersix: Likewise, Yashimoto.

Yashimoto: I am indebted to you.

Cybersix: No you're not. But there is one thing, about my apartment.

Yashimoto: What apartment? So, you're Julian.

Julian: Yep.

Yashimoto: I am honoured.

Cybersix: You guys better get rid of those wet clothes. We'll catch up later. Yashimoto, thank you.

Jose: You think it's over, Cybersix, it's just the beginning.

Cybersix: So Data-7, it's a whole new game. Well, we always did like games.

Ending Theme

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