Hi everyone! I'm your fellow Wikian user and Cybersix fan, TheWearyandHeavyLaden.

I created the Cybersix Fandom Wiki so I could have a little fun with the series. We can add all sorts of Cybersix-related content such as fanart to background context for the history of Cybersix.


  • The first episode of the lost live-action Cybersix series has been uploaded onto Vimeo and YouTube!
  • The entire series of the Polish version of the Cybersix series has been found to have been uploaded onto the interwebs since around 2015, check out the first episode on YouTube!

What I would like

  • I very much want the rest of the Cybersix live-action episodes.
  • I would like to see the Cybersix Fox Kids censor released online (if anyone recorded it on a VHS tape or DVD).
  • I would like to see the rest of the Cybersix dubs, especially the Japanese dub. I would also like to have the original audio AND VIDEO of both Spanish versions as well.


Some ideas I have for articles:

  • Documenting fan websites
  • And fans and very well-known people in the community
  • Re-upload fanarts and fanfictions
  • A parody article of Wikipedia's entry for Cybersix
  • A personality quiz

How you can help

You can do anything that you'd like within reason. You can correct typos, write fanfics, draw fanart, maybe you found a cool Cybersix fan website and want to write about it (maybe its just me).

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