This is the transcript for the first episode of the Cybersix animated television series, Mysterious Shadow.


Opening theme song:
There's a time when the moon reveals its face through the clouds
I let out a sigh and want to cry out loud
But deep in my heart I feel love so alive
In the depths of my soul I know we will survive
I'm the one they would break in their greed and their pride
But deep in my heart I feel love so alive
In the depths of my soul I know we will survive

Older Man: (muffled yell).

Man: What the devil? I say, you can't just-

Fixed Idea: (growls).

Man: AHH!

Cybersix: (gasp)

(chatter drowned out by school sounds)

Lucas Amato: Then, you all look like this. Some of you still do. Next slide.


Lucas: Huh?

Principal: We are all looking forward to having you, Mr. Seidelman.

(laughter continues)

Lucas: All right, uh, now, uh- (inaudible)

Principal: Here we are.

Adrian Seidelman: "Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too- uh, too rude and-

Lori Anderson: (giggles) (gasps)

Lori's Gang: He can't do that.

Lucas: What a day.

Lori's Gang: Time to teach him a lesson. Let's do it.

(city sounds)

Adrian: oh, sorry. I didn't-

Lori's Gang: Hey, you are something, eh, friend?

Adrian: Pardon?

Lori's Gang: (90s lingo)

Adrian: How did you-?

Lucas: Followed the lambs from school. Adrian Seidelman, yes? Lucas Amato, Biology.

Adrian: Oh, uh, hi. Literature.

Lucas: Oh, you're not the new karate teacher?

Adrian: What?

Lucas: It's just a joke. Come on, let's grab a coffee. (mumbles) You're not from the city, are you?

Adrian: Oh, uh, a small village. Can I ask you, uh, I've got a student...

Lucas: Oh, Lori. Yeah. She's a good kid. A little mixed up. (cheers) I'm a city boy myself. (cont' cheers) Something wrong?

Adrian: I better go. Thanks for the coffee, Lucas.

Lucas: Oh well. (cheers) What the? Hey!

Cybersix: You. Stay away.

Lucas: What? Who are you? Impossible. I can't believe it. Acid? How did you get up here?

Cybersix: Please, give me the vial. It's mine.

Lucas: What?

Cybersix: You must have it.

Lucas: What- what are you? What do you want?

Cybersix: The vial.

Lucas: You can't just come in here and expect-

Cybersix: You're in great danger. Please.

Lucas: Are you hurt?

Cybersix: No. Just give me the vial.

Lucas: Let me help you.

Cybersix: Don't! Run!

Fixed Idea: You killed brother!

Lucas: Leave her alone!

Techno: (gasp)

Older Man: Is there a war going on that we should know about?

Fixed Idea: Shut up! You make money.

Techno: Yes, sir. We have the engraver and printer.

Dr. Von Reichter: Get them started right away and then load up the truck.

Techno: Yes, sir. Right away. There is one other thing, sir.

Von Reichter: Yes?

Techno: A Fixed Idea has been deactivated. Only the clothes were left. It's vial empty.

Von Reichter: Impossible. I will send my son, Jose.

Techno: Yes. I have an idea who, I'm watching someone, sir.

Von Reichter: Jose will deal with this puzzle. Ship the cargo now. Jose?

Jose: Yes, father?

Lucas: She was- she was strange, but- but beautiful. And- and the- the monsters-

Adrian: Come on, you must've been dreaming.

Lucas: Ha! Haven't got the imagination. Then it evaporated. Poof! I've never seen anything like it.

Adrian: Monsters? It was just a dream.

Lucas: Am I dreaming this?

Adrian: (gasp) Put it away.

Lucas: What's the matter?

Adrian: Please.

Lucas: Hey, what?

Adrian: Be careful, Lucas.

Lucas: Wait. Adrian!

Techno: Jose?

Jose: I'm Jose.

Techno: You're just a kid.

Jose: You will do exactly as I say. In the future you will sit in my presence.

Lucas: Adrian!

Adrian: Maybe you should give it to her?

Lucas: No.

Techno: Look, this hole.

Jose: A hole?

Adrian: You can get killed. She sounds dangerous.

Lucas: I think she's in trouble.

Jose: The Fixed Idea was found under his window?

Techno: Yes, sir.

Jose: And you think he knows what happened?

Lucas: She never tried to hurt me. Huh? Shh. Huh? Who would do this?

Adrian: Next time give her the vial. It's my fault. If I hadn't come here... Five fingers, a heart, but I'm not like them. I don't need a friend. Do I? He's in danger, I have to help him, as he helped me.

Fixed Idea: (yawn)

Jose: Wake up! Listen you, do exactly as I say. Stay here and watch.

Fixed Idea: Watch what?

Jose: The apartment, you fool. Huh? Get her!

Cybersix: Out, now.

Lucas: Wait a sec.

Cybersix: Trust me. Please, give me the vial. Am I who you want?

Jose: A- a Cyber. But- so you are the one behind this.

Cybersix: (whistle) Hey! He wants his vial back? Then try to catch me, little boy.

Jose: No! Catch her you worthless mutants. I'm going to the warehouse, you stay here with the others, make sure they don't lose her.

Techno: Yes, sir.

Lucas: Okay, I guess that's it for homework tonight, Lori. Warehouse, huh?

Cybersix: Come on, you thugs, catch me.

Techno: Fools! Lumps!

Jose: Bring the truck and start loading. Did I say follow your own rhythm, take your time? No! Hurry you fools!

Cybersix: Shh. Hey, bonehead, your brains are showing.

Jose: Get her. He'll take care of her, you have to load this truck. Hurry up.

Fixed Idea: Let's go, sir.

Jose: I give the orders here. Shut up. You idiot, we lost everything.

Lucas: Who are you? What's your name? Wait. Will I see you again?

Von Reichter: What do you mean you lost the money? And a woman, what woman? A tattoo? Cyber Six?! You must be mistaken. Alive. Cyber Six, alive? My most profound failure, alive.

Cybersix: You can come after me and I won't run.

Endng theme song:
As the rain falls on the mountains
All my sorrow just salty tears
I whisper your name until we’re together
Our love will coquer fear

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