The Cybersix series has had a few lost media to its name.

The definition of 'lost media' is: a piece of media that is lost or difficult to track down.

Comic book series

There is a comic book that is translated as “Adventure of Cyb” that has only been released in its fan-translated form. Unless the original version is made available I will refer to this one as lost media.

Lost comic:

Live-action television series

There was a live-action television adaptation of the Cybersix comic book series in 1995. We assume the creators were very embarrassed by the low bad quality of the entire production that even today they try to hide it from us, as a result of this only one episode has been found. It is also possible that a few episodes were archived by Telefe.

Lost episodes:

  1. Un Secuestro en Meridiana (found)
  2. El Escape (lost)
  3. Episode (lost)
  4. Episode (lost)
  5. Episode (lost)
  6. Episode (lost)
  7. Episode (lost)
  8. Episode (lost)

Animated television series

Series' music

It was known very early on that there was a full three minute version to the series' opening and ending theme songs. The versions that we have is the 1 minute OP and the 30 second ED shown in the series. Today we know that the songs are being withheld by the production company, TMS, who currently holds the rights, and will continue to do so until the rights are bought or licenced by another company[1]. It is unknown if TMS also holds the rights to the series' original soundtracks, the background music in the show can be heard in the series, however the music itself has never been released officially.

Lost songs:

  • Opening Theme Song/Deep in My Heart (withheld)
  • Ending Theme Song/As the Rain Falls on the Mountains (withheld)

Lost music:

  • Original soundtracks (OST) (available in the show)

Various dubs

The series was dubbed into various languages and aired around the world. The English and French versions are available in official home releases. The French Télétoon recordings have been obtained by the online user Dragoniade, this is something I have not considered before so I'll say this was previously lost media that is now found. The Polish version was recorded from television. The Latin American and Spain Spanish versions have both been recorded from television as well, however I consider this a partially found media since only the audio has been released while the video has been taken either from the French DVD release or the 2014 DVD release - however it is said that the Latin American Spanish dub retains the original English text in the episode title cards and ending credits, the Spain Spanish dub is still uncertain. The Japanese version has been recorded from television as with the others but has not been made readily available to fans. And I have not been able to confirm the existence of the Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai versions, it can only be certain that Cybersix did air in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Lost dubs:

  • English (available)
  • European French (available)
  • Polish (voice-over translation) (available)
  • Latin American Spanish (partially available)
  • Spain Spanish (partially available)
  • Japanese (partially found, difficult to obtain)
  • Cantonese (?) (unconfirmed existence)
  • Malaysian (unconfirmed existence)
  • Thai (unconfirmed existence)

Fox Kids version

Fox Kids had edited the series to make it more appropriate to its young target audience. Most of the episode had aired only once so there was little chance of it being seen again to record it. However, there are people who have recorded some episodes at the time, its a matter of if it still possible for it to be digitized and released online for everyone to see. The user Stonegate ShadowLord had recorded the Fox Kids broadcast and gave it to the YouTube user Media Finder to digitize and upload.

Lost episodes:

  1. Mysterious Shadow (found)
  2. Data 7 & Julian (found)
  3. Terra (found)
  4. Lori is Missing (found)
  5. Yashimoto, Private Eye (non-existent)
  6. Blue Birds of Horror (found)
  7. Brainwashed (partially found)
  8. Gone with the Wings (found)
  9. The Eye (found)
  10. Full Moon Fascination (lost)
  11. The Greatest Show in Meridiana (FOUND)
  12. Daylight Devil (non-existent)
  13. The Final Confrontation (non-existent)


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