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This is a list of fan-translations in English, for the Cybersix comic book series.

As there is no official English release of the Cybersix comic, English-speakers must rely on the works of other fans who have taken the time and effort to translate it themselves. They have either used the French volumes (which are more easily accessible) or the Italian monthly issues (which concludes the story.) The differences are some dialogue changes and the quality of the image.

The translator working on new chapters is MagentaHamster from Reddit.

English fan translations Edit

Translators Edit

Availability Edit

Their translations are available at their respective websites:

Their translations are also available at the following websites:

  • The comics can be read online at
  • The comics can be read online on an archived version of 4chan as a “storytime”, here’s part 1, part 2, and part3.
  • The comics can be "watched" online at

Notes Edit

  • Zannen was the first one to have translated the comics into English. They originally released chapters 1 to 7, translated from the French version. After they had disbanded they released on the SittingOnAnAtomicBomb website (archived site here) the remastered versions of the first 7 chapters, with an additional new eighth chapter along with the complete 12 volumes of the French comic version they were using.
  • CarriageLamp is translating from the French comic version as well.
  • MagentaHamster is translating from the original Italian, reprint Italian, and French versions.
  • Ptah Aegyptus translated Adventure of Cyb into English from the Italian version using an online translator.
  • If one wishes to obtain the digital/scanned versions of the Cybersix comics, the English and French versions can be found on the listed websites above, for the Italian and the Spanish versions, for now I’d suggest asking GrantedDrop on the Cybersix Fan Discord.

References Edit

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