This is the complete list of episodes for the Cybersix animated television series. I created this as a reference guide for myself since I get this easily mixed up. It has all the alternate titles and airdates for the different countries. Despite the different languages I think most people just refer to the english episode titles anyways.

Original broadcasts

Season 1 : Episode 1

Ep# Episode Title Original Airdate TV station Country
1 Mysterious Shadow
La créature mystérieuse
6 September 1999 TV Country
Episode summary

Episode Title Original Airdate TV station Country
Mysterious Shadow6 September 1999TeletoonCanada
Mysterious Shadow19 August 2000Fox KidsUnited States
La créature mystérieuse6 September 1999TélétoonCanada
La créature mystérieuseDecember 15, 1999Canal+France
Sombra misteriosa6 September 1999TelefeArgentina
Sombra misteriosas?Buzz ChannelSpain
Ombra misteriosacancelledn/aItaly
私はサイバーシックス16 October 2000Kids StationJapan
Tajemnicza postać1 October 1999Hyper+Poland
???Hong Kong
??Kids CentralSingapore
Data 7 and Julian
Data 7 et Julien
12 September 1999TVCountry
18 September 1999TVCountry
Yashimoto, Private Eye
Yashimoto, détective privé
19 September 1999TVCountry
Lori is Missing
Lori a disparu
25 September 1999TVCountry
Blue Birds of Horror
Les pigeons bleus
26 September 1999TVCountry
2 October 1999TVCountry
Gone with the Wings
Gare aux gargouilles
3 October 1999TVCountry
The Eye
Coup d'oeil sur Méridiana
10 October 1999TVCountry
Full Moon Fascination
Transformation lunaire
9 October 1999TVCountry
The Greatest Show in Meridiana
José bous fait son cirque
16 October 1999TVCountry
Daylight Devil
L' invisible créature
17 October 1999TVCountry
The Final Confrontation
Confrontation finale
23 October 1999TVCountry


Canada Japan

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