The Frundock website is probably one of the most well-known Cybersix fan websites out there. Most notably, it hosts the interview for the series' scenarist writer Barry Whittaker, which sort of inspired the series' composer interview with Robbi Finkel.


Frundock's website contains the following:

  • Main - the main page.
  • News - updates to the website.
  • Story - it contains the story of the Australian couple that was one of many inspirations for the conception of Cybersix.
  • Characters - character descriptions.
  • Gallery - the gallery contains fanart, screenshots of all the episodes, flash, and pictures of the French VHS tapes.
  • Comics - the comics tab contains summaries for all of the 12 French volumes.
  • Multimedia - the multimedia tabs contains mp3s
  • Season 2 -
  • FAQ -
  • Forum -
  • Links -
  • E-mail -

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