These are the fonts used in the Cybersix series.

English Lucida Blackletter The English titlecards used the Lucida Blackletter font.

French Lucida Blackletter The French Télétoon titlecards also used the Lucida Blackletter font.

French Palmieri The French DVDs/airings used a second font called Palmieri. Palmieri does not support any special markings in letters found in some episodes like "Police-contrôle", instead it looked like they copy and pasted the special markings, or resorted to using Old English Text MT.

French Old English Text MT The French DVDs/airings used the Old English Text MT font.

One of the fonts used in the comic series was Omnibus.

All fonts

So all the fonts that are used in the titlecards are:

  • Lucida Blackletter
  • Palmieri
  • Old English Text MT
  • Omnibus
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