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Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is Cybersix?

A: Cybersix is an escaped genetic experiment currently living and employed as the classics literature teacher in Meridiana, she is designated sixth of the Cyber Series and is the last living intact Cyber.

Q: Is Cybersix a Japanese anime or a Western cartoon?

A: The Cybersix animated television series can be considered either as a Western cartoon or as a Japanese anime, and some people may see it as a French cartoon due to its setting. The confusion arises due to its international background, the original source material was a comic book series created in Argentina, its rights were bought by a Canadian company, and the animation duties were passed to a Japanese company. What it can truly be considered is debatable.

Q: Will there be a second season?

A: No, as far as we know there will be no second season. In the very early days the production companies were prepared for a second season but conflicts arose and Cybersix ended[1]. However, we can remain hopeful that Cybersix will continue one way or another.

Q: Will the full 3 minute theme songs be released?

A: No, as far as we know the full 3 minute theme songs will not be released[2]. TMS currently holds the rights and will not release it themselves, but they seem open to giving the rights/licence to someone in the music industry, so we can remain hopeful that someday it may happen[3].

Q: Will the full series soundtrack be released?

A: No, as far as we know the full series' soundtrack will not be released. However if one is determined enough it could be possible to compile all the music in the series.

Q: There was a live-action series?!

A: Yeah, there was! The first Cybersix live-action episode can be viewed on Vimeo and YouTube, as well as the clips from the series can be viewed online. Unfortunately the rest of the episodes are lost and cannot be watched anywhere.

Q: Where can I read the Cybersix comics?

A: The Cybersix comic book series can be downloaded, read, or watched online:

  • The official Italian, French, and Spanish versions have been compiled personally and can be viewed and downloaded from the provided links. If one wishes to read the complete series, the Italian version is the only one that goes through to the end.
  • The comics can also be read on Smack Jeeves (English chapters 1-6-ish) and Read Comics online (Italian monthly issues 1-3). As well it could be watched on YouTube (English chapters 1-17...for now).

Q: How many volumes are there?

A: There are 24 weekly issues and 45 monthly issues for the Italian version. There are 12 volumes for the French version. There are 6 volumes for the Spain Spanish version. There are 4 volumes for the Argentine Spanish version. And there is nearly 3 volumes for the English fan-translation version.

Q: What are the differences between the comics and the cartoon?

A: In the comics, Cybersix prefers to avoid fighting with the Fixed Ideas as they are stronger, while in the cartoon she is able to fight them one-on-one. Cybersix bites the necks of Von Reichter's creations to suck the Sustenance out of them like a vampire, while in the cartoons the creations dissolve into a vial of Sustenance. The comics ends on a definitive note while the cartoon ends on a cliff-hanger. The sex, nudity, violence, and drug abuse is removed from the show.

Q: Where does the comics and the cartoon match up?

A: The first comic issue loosely matches with the first episode of the cartoon.

Q: Are the comics in english?

A: Yes, there are unofficial English fan-translations of the Cybersix comic book series online. They are translated from the French version that goes up to volume 3.

Q: Are there any more english translations?

A: Yes, there are occasionally updates to the latest translation from CarriageLamp.

Q: Is this Carmen Sandiego?

A: No!

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Q: What Cybersix...

What cybersix...

What happened to Cybersix?

What happened to Cybersix?
A: In the animated series the fate of Cybersix and Data-7 are left open-ended. When Cybersix and Data-7 were escaping Von Reichter's laboratory and they reached the exit the Isle of Doom detonated at that very moment, destroying the lab and the cliff it resided on top of. We are given the impression that the both of them had died, however near the end of the episode we get a glimpse of Adrian's apartment and it appears Adrian is home, giving us hope that Cybersix did indeed survive the destruction. So the series ended figuratively - and almost literally - on a cliff-hanger. It is likely that she survived in order to continue the series onto the second season if it had gone through.

Q: Why Cybersix...

Why cybersix...

Why was Cybersix Cancelled? Why did Cybersix end?

Why was Cybersix cancelled? Why did Cybersix end?
A: Cybersix was cancelled due to the high production costs as well as conflicts between the two production companies, NOA and TMS. What were the exact reasons and why, we may never know.

Q: How does Cybersix...

How does cybersix...

How does Cybersix end?

How does Cybersix end?
A: The last episode of the animated series is "The Final Confrontation". Von Reichter plans to destroy the entire city of Meridiana with a living bomb called the Isle of Doom. Seeing the incoming threat the city starts to evacuate. Before leaving to the lab Cybersix reveals to her student Lori Anderson that she's Adrian Seidelman who in turn reveals this to Lucas Amato. Cybersix goes to confront her creator Von Reichter fully knowing that if anything happens to him she'll surely die once the Sustenance runs out for good. But for a short time Cybersix chooses to side with Von Reichter when promised that he will free her of Sustenance. However Von Reichter's clone-son, Jose, moved the bomb from the city towards the lab so he can continue to take over the city. Von Reichter sets his creations against Cybersix but they turn on him instead. Cybersix and Data-7 are able to escape the room and towards the nearest exit, however just as they reach the door the bomb detonates, destroying the lab and the cliff it resides on top of. Lucas sits alone at the cafe where he miss Adrian, he walks to Adrian's apartment and is happy to see the lights on. Meanwhile Jose is shown to have survived.

Q: How many Cybersix...

How many cybersix...

How many Cybersix comics are there? How many episodes of Cybersix are there? How many volumes of Cybersix are there?

How many Cybersix comics are there? How many episodes of Cybersix are there? How many volumes of Cybersix are there?
A: There are 5 different language versions of the comics, the Italian version (24 weekly issues, 45 monthly issues), the French version (12 volumes), the Spain Spanish version (6 volumes), the Argentine Spanish version (4 volumes), and the English version (nearly 3 volumes). For the animated series there are 13 episodes.

Q: Did Cybersix...

Did cybersix...

Did Cybersix die?

Did Cybersix die?
A: In the animated series it is unknown if Cybersix had died or lived as it was intentionally left on a cliff-hanger. However its likely that she had lived, as we see the lights are on in Adrian's apartment, and she would be needed to continue the second season.

Q: Is Cybersix...

Is cybersix...

Is Cybersix an anime? Is Cybersix alive? Is Cybersix dead?

Is Cybersix an anime? Is Cybersix alive? Is Cybersix dead?
A: It is debatable as to whether Cybersix can be considered an anime or a Western cartoon. Generally speaking, anything animated is considered an anime in Japan, since its literal definition is animated. For Japanese animation, Japanimation is used. So technically Cybersix is an anime.

As answered in the above question, in the animated series the fate of Cybersix was left intentionally open-ended.

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Q: So who's this Zannen and Pharmadan?

A: Zannen and PharmaDan translated several chapters of Cybersix into English!


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