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This is the transcript for the second episode of the Cybersix animated television series, Data 7 and Julian.


Opening Theme

Doctor Von Reichter: Data 7, watch this. That is Cyber Six. You will find Cyber Six and you will destroy her.

Data 7: (roars)

Julian: (yawns) Huh?

Orlando: Get to work, kid.

Julian: Uh, sure.

Orlando: You get me a big fat wallet or you don't eat. (coughs)

Julian: Can I give you a hand with anything?

Man: Uh, thanks Julian, but not today. Come back tomorrow.

Julian: Sure. But tomorrow's too late.

Mob Boss: And I'm telling you he has no choice. Huh?

Orlando: Here's yesterday's take.

Mob Boss: He's gotta pay, you got that?

Jose: Ha. From now on you work for me.

Mob Boss: (laughs) No way.

Julian: (sighs) I guess I better do something. Huh?

Orlando: What're you doing here? You supposed to be picking wealthy pockets.

Julian: Uh, nothing happening out there.

Orlando: So make it happen.

Julian: Right after I eat.

Orlando: (mumbles) You know what you got to do, get me a wallet.

Julian: Yeah. Yeah, whatever you say.

Lucas: I know it's around here somewhere. You know, I'm sure that bookstore was around here somewhere.

Adrian: All lost. To prayers to prayers. All lost.

Lucas: Uh, unless Shakespeare knows where the bookstore is, uh, please let me think.

Adrian: Think, thought, yeah. The mind is-

Julian: Uh, sorry. I should watch where I'm going.

Adrian: Well, that's okay. Uh oh, my wallet. He's got my wallet.

Lucas: Hey, it's not the end of the world, Adrian. We'll get it back. Come on.

Julian: Huh? A picture?

Adrian: Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.

Lucas: Oh wow, you got him.

Adrian: Are you okay, Lucas?

Lucas: I'll live. Taking other people's belongings is very bad.

Adrian: Here, take it. You seem to need it.

Lucas: Adrian, that won't help.

Julian: You sure? Nah, I don't need your wallet. Thanks anyway.

Adrian: You don't know what it's like to be all alone.

Lucas: Oh, so you're the expert.

Adrian: All he needs is courage and then a little help. Sorry Lucas, I can't come with you.

Lucas: Hmph.

Jose: Your organization belongs to me now.

Techno: Your operation now belongs to Jose. We control the pool halls.

Jose: Good work. I'm gonna rule the underworld. You? He sent you? I'll take care of Cybersix, you fur-ball.

Data 7: (roars)

Jose: Uh, nice kitty.

Julian: Sorry.

Maria: I'll hold it.

Mother: Thank you, Maria. Please hold this for me.

Maria: Sure.

Man: Uh, can you manage?

Mother: Yes, thank you. Thank you, you're a very kind young man.

Maria: Thank you.

Data 7: (roars)

Maria: Bye.

Julian: (laughs)

Orlando: Having fun, Julian?

Julian: No, not really.

Orlando: Where's my wallet?

Julian: Sorry, no luck yet.

Orlando: Oh, is that so? (coughs) You had a wallet and gave it back.

Julian: Yeah, that's right. I'm not gonna steal anymore. I quit.

Orlando: Nobody told you can stop stealing.

Adrian: Julian.

Mob Boss: Yeah, I think this place would be perfect for your headquarters.

Jose: Yes, I like it. Huh?

Orlando: What's going on here?

Techno: From now on this place belongs to Jose.

Orlando: This is our place.

Mob Boss: From now on, uh, Jose is our boss.

Jose: I am the king, king of the underworld.

Adrian: Jose. 29, I miss you. I let you down, but I won't let that boy down.

Female Fixed Idea: (screams)

Jose: What?

Female Fixed Idea: But there's a huge cat.

Jose: Good. Make it get rid of the huge rats. We will use this as our weapons base in Meridiana.

Techno: Good idea, boss.

Julian: Hm, who are you?

Cybersix: You have to get out of here.

Julian: I've got nowhere else to go.

Cybersix: Please, Julian.

Julian: How do you know my name?

Cybersix: I know your name and I know what you did at the market today.

Julian: So?

Cybersix: I'll help you leave this place, I promise.

Julian: I hear a lot of promises.

Cybersix: Well, I keep my promises, Julian.

Julian: Leave her alone. Stop it.

Jose: Yes cat, kill her.

Julian: No, it's not fair.

Jose: I know but it's fun. Get her. Over there. Destroy her.

Cybersix: Julian.

Julian: Help me.

Cybersix: 29.

Jose: Now Data 7. Finish her.

Cybersix: Huh? You. You're 29.

Jose: I said kill her, you worthless rug. Data 7, I order you to kill Cybersix. You're going to disobey me?

Data 7: (roars)

Jose: Fire. Don't shoot. Stop. Fools. No, shoot, shoot Cybersix and Data 7. Run.

Cybersix: You're alive. My brother.


Von Reichter: You are one of my finest creations. Now you have been reborn in the body of a panther and I will call you Data 7.

Julian: Thank you Cybersix and Data 7 for helping me.

Cybersix: Julian, a promise is a promise.

Ending Theme

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