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This is a wiki that anyone can edit! Go ahead and add basically anything Cybersix-related! Maybe you have some fanart you wanna show us, or a fanfiction that you're working on, or maybe you've done a video about Cybersix and you've uploaded it onto YouTube. You can add all of that here!! For the main unofficial Wiki, here is the Cybersix Wiki.

This Wiki is a work-in-progress.
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Blue Birds of Horror/transcriptBrainwashed/transcriptCommon misconceptions
Cybersix: 20th anniversary editionCybersix (a bad series summary)Cybersix Fandom Wiki
Data 7 and Julian/transcriptEnding Theme Song (variations)Episode 14: The Wake
FAQFan Fiction 1: (untitled)
Fan Fiction 2: Midnight FiveFan Fiction 3: Long Live the KingFonts used in the series
Frundock (person)Frundock (website)Full List of Episodes (animated)
Fun and GamesGeneral DiscussionHome Media
InterviewsList of Fan-made SubtitlesList of fan translations
Lori is Missing/transcriptLost Media
Mysterious ShadowMysterious Shadow/captionMysterious Shadow/script
Mysterious Shadow/subtitleMysterious Shadow/transcriptNew on Wikia starter pages
News and AnnouncementsOpening Theme Song (variations)PharmaDan (person)
Questions and AnswersSage Endeavour (person)Sceo's AMVs
Terra (episode)/transcriptTheWearyandHeavyLaden (person)Trans vs not trans
Yashimoto, Private Eye/transcript
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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Hi everyone! I'm your fellow Wikian user and Cybersix fan, TheWearyandHeavyLaden.

    I created the Cybersix Fandom Wiki so I could have a little fun with the series. We can add all sorts of Cybersix-related content such as fanart to background context for the history of Cybersix.

    • The first episode of t…

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