Cybersix is this really obscure hipster 90s cartoon that we all can tip our fedora hats to once in a while. It was very first published in 1993 in Spanish as a Mexican comic book series in Brazil, that I think was also published in the Phillipines, but it mostly stayed in its country of origin.

Crazy summary amirite?

Cybersix is about a cross-dressing gender-fluid trans robot vampire named "Cybersix" who has a bisexual boyfriend named "Lucas Amato", who's attracted to both personas of Cybersix and her male gender identity "Adrian Seidelman", an identity that was stolen from a deceased boy who died in a car crash that Cybersix came across when she was escaping from her evil Nazi creator "Doctor Von Reichter" that brutally murdered all 4000 of Cybersix's brothers and sisters (but the brain of her brother "Cyber-29/Data-7" survives in the body of a black panther) so that's why she was running away from him, and now Cybersix lives as a superhero woman during the night and a nerdy male literature teacher during the day and has wacky adventures and makes many great friends.

Who knew?!

This obviously popular and powerfully influential series is also accused of being the "Tijuana Bible" that ended "Dark Angel", and we all know that's totally true.

It also got a live-action television series that was so bad it got cancelled, it was written and directed by so-and-so, acted by Carolina Peleritti who played Cybersix. And that's all you need to know, and all we'll ever know.

Cybersix was then adapted into a better received cartoon, a childhood nostalgia 90s kids long-lost memory thing. Cybersix was played by Spike and Shampoo! This is a very under-rated series that gets no appreciated to this day. A season two was planned but has never gone through, and the full theme songs were also promised but never gone through as well. Everything is full of lies!

The Cybersix comics are very mature and sexual, Cybersix would bite sustenance out of Fixed Ideas like a vampire too.


  • Cybersix Wiki, and by "Cybersix Wiki" I obviously mean Wikipedia.


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