The Cybersix: 20th anniversary edition is a 2019 Blu-ray boxset release of the Cybersix animated television series commemorating 20 years of Cybersix when it first aired in 1999. This boxset marks the first time the series was released on Blu-ray.


The Blu-ray anniversary edition was first announced in 2018 and released a year later in 2019 in time for the 20th anniversary. It was created and released for the Cybersix: 20th anniversary event, in which other pieces of media were simultaneously released.

Bonus features

The 3-disk Blu-ray boxset contains these special features:

  • The full 3 minute opening and ending theme songs (first released on the Cybersix OST).
  • The pilot episode of the Cybersix live-action television series (the full series now available on DVD).
  • Subtitled and the dubs in these available languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Malaysian, and Thai.
  • Production artwork from the Cybersix Series' Production Bible.
  • Voice actor's and director's commentary.



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