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This is the transcript for the seventh episode of the Cybersix animated television series, Brainwashed.


Opening theme song:
There's a time when the moon reveals its face through the clouds
I let out a sigh and want to cry out loud
But deep in my heart I feel love so alive
In the depths of my soul I know we will survive
I'm the one they would break in their greed and their pride
But deep in my heart I feel love so alive
In the depths of my soul I know we will survive

José von Reichter: It works. I’ll get her now. Chief. Get me the six best detectives on the force.

Julian: Thank you. Thank you. Think they’re big shots.

Bully: Ouch.

Julian: That’s too bad. Let me help you up.

Bully: Get lost kid.

Detective Enrique: Are we having fun today?

Bully: Hey Detective Enrique.

Enrique: Sure be nice if Mrs. Johnson there could get some help with her cart.

Bully: Sure detective, no problem.

Enrique: You get the feeling that guy’s missing something?

Julian: Yeah, a brain.

Enrique: In addition to that.

Julian: Hey you.

Bully: What?

Enrique: So you’re staying out of trouble?

Julian: Trouble. Me?

Enrique: Detective Enrique. Right away Chief. Gotta run, Julian. See you later.

Julian: Hey Enrique, stay out of trouble.

Police Chief: These helmets will identify you as members of special task force. You will learn of your special assignment now.

José: Play your magic José. Who robbed that bank?

Enrique: Cybersix.

Detectives: Cybersix. Cybersix.

Police Chief: You will wear this. When the red light comes on, you must come back to be recharged. You will find Cybersix and use this to destroy her. Understand?

José: What a brilliant plan. Father will be proud. Huh?

Adrian Seidelman: Hm. Weird. Not eating Lucas? Wow. That’s a newsworthy event.

Lucas Amato: Ha ha. Funny, Adrian. You should have your own TV show. A big storm moving in. Nice to have a warm home to go to. What’s wrong?

Adrian: Huh? Oh, nothing. Just thinking of someone.

Lucas: Someone special?

Adrian: Yeah. Someone I should visit soon.

Julian: Wow. Better sit it out for a while.

Cybersix: Oh, young Julian. On nights like this I think what it used to be alone.

Julian: Huh?

Cybersix: Hello Julian.

Julian: Hey you guys. Data 7, my buddy. And he’s a really neat guy. I like him a lot.

Cybersix: Its nice to have friends, Julian. And it sounds like he’s giving you good advice.

Julian: About time.

Cybersix: I love the smell of the air after it rains. Come on. We’ll walk you home.

Julian: Huh? You’re hurt.

Cybersix: Shh. There.

Julian: Enrique. Enrique. I can’t believe it. Why?

Cybersix: You know him?

Julian: That’s Detective Enrique. The friend I was telling you about. Why would he try and hurt you?

Cybersix: He’s a police officer? Why would the police be after me? Data 7, please stay with Julian. I want to find out what’s going on.

Lucas: Excellent steak.

Waitress: You’re welcome, Lucas. Harry loved cooking for you.

Lucas: Yeah?

Waitress: Yeah. Says if it wasn’t for you he’d get out of practice.

Lucas: He’s a real wise guy. Him and Adrian should team up.

Detective: Anyone here knows Cybersix? She’s wanted. And if you know her, speak up.

Lucas: Cybersix. Wanted.

Cybersix: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Lucas: Huh?

Cybersix: Have you heard what’s going on?

Lucas: Just that they’re out to get you.

Cybersix: I didn’t do anything.

Lucas: I know. But until things get back to normal, you better lay low. Let me help.

Cybersix: I’ll figure it out.

Julian: I gotta find Enrique. But he’s not like this, Data 7. I have to figure out what’s happened. Yeah, yeah. So you’re just gonna keep me here? Nice day. Hey, we should go for a walk or something. Hmm. Its called Cat’s Cradle. You want to play? Come on, its easy. It must have something to do with that helmet.

Enrique: I must go back.

Adrian: Thanks for dinner, Lucas. My treat next time.

Lucas: Uhh. You’ve been acting a bit weird today. Anything wrong?

Adrian: No. I’m-

Lucas: Well. So much for a break in the storm.

Adrian: Data 7. What? Where’s Julian?

Julian: I gotta find Cybersix. Let me go you big oof.

José: You. What are you- An idea.

Julian: Enrique, help me.

José: Don’t worry. We’ll find him. What’s that? Its Julian. Julian. I know it must be a trap, but I don’t see anything.

José: This is going to be so much fun. Get the popcorn.

Julian: Cybersix. Let me go. Cyber- Enrique. Please help.

Jose: Fixed Idea. Keep him there by the detective. And keep an eye on the both of them.

Julian: Wanna see a neat trick?

Fixed Idea: Trick. What is trick?

Julian: Now watch this. This is the best part. Enrique. Enrique. Help Cybersix.

Enrique: Huh? Julian? What are you doing here?

Julian: Help her. Do something.

Cybersix: Looks like we have a new set of rules, José. Boy, that smarts.

José: Get her. Destroy her. Hey. Stop it. I’m getting dizzy.

Cybersix: Fight. Huh?

Julian: Enrique. Look out.

Cybersix: Out. Now.

José: Where did everybody go?

Doctor von Reichter: As usual, José, I am disappointed. Where is the Techno? I just don’t know what to do with you José. I just don’t know.

Cybersix: Julian’s lucky to have such a good friend. Okay, okay. So is Enrique. And Data 7, so am I.

Ending theme song:
As the rain falls on the mountains
All my sorrow just salty tears
I whisper your name until we’re together
Our love will conquer fear

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